Sunday, March 16, 2014

Did Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez Hire Hookers When Separated from Ex Wife? How Much More Does Torrie Wilson Need to Hear?

Alex Rodriguez, Torrie Wilson
Last November, I made it pretty known that I think Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez is a scumball. My opinion since then hasn't changed, especially after reading this article. reported claims to have the inside story about A-Rod's and Kate Hudson's "affair." I use quotes because I think A-Rod was separated from his ex-wife Cynthia when he picked up with Kate.

"In House of Outrageous Fortune, author Michael Gross talked to residents of A-Rod’s building who saw the affair unfold. A-Rod was still married to Cynthia when he moved into the notorious condo at Fifteen Central Park West, but Michael claims that didn’t stop him from philandering. 'One day Cynthia showed up and said she was Mrs. Smith,' Gross claims, citing a former staffer who says, 'We didn’t know who she was so we wouldn’t let her in. Why didn’t she say who she was? She was uptight, nonresponsive, and belligerent. When Alex came in ten minutes later we knew. He was with Kate. He was a douche. No one liked him.” Another building resident claims he was “not a nice guy, an unfriendly narcissist.”

“He got hookers all the time,” the building staff member claims in the book. “Usually two at a time, two times a week. One time he had two go up, they came down and left, and ten minutes later, Cameron Diaz walks in. He doesn’t care. I hate the guy. He thought he was God.” Of course, A-Rod’s reps denied Gross’ claims when they first emerged last year, calling the allegations “100% false.”

Sorry, but the reps denial of this story isn't believable. A-Rod's word these days doesn't mean much to me. Given all of the womanizing A-Rod's known for, it isn't that big of a stretch to imagine that he'd hire hookers once he moved into his "bachelor pad."

What I wonder is how much more does his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson, need to hear before she leaves him? Is he telling her the same thing as his reps are telling us? That it's 100% false? Does he explain it to her as "haters trying to take him down?"

This guy is such a tool.

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