Saturday, March 24, 2012

Johnny Galecki and Kelli Garner Are Dating -- Why It Could End in Marriage!

Credit: Alexandra Wyman/Gett
One of my favorite shows right now is The Big Bang Theory. Being from Chicago, I also grew up watching Roseanne. My first boyfriend in seventh grade reminded me of Darlene's boyfriend, David, played by Johnny Galecki. To see him still on TV is pretty cool. It's why I was happy to read the latest news about him.

Us Weekly reported yesterday, "After months of quietly dating, Pan-Am Kelli Garner, 27, and Johnny Galecki, 36, flaunted their love March 18, kissing courtside at an L.A. Lakers game. A source said it took some time for the pair to feel comfortable going public, but now feel the timing is right. "They're happy," the pal shares. "Of course they're not going to hide out. They have no reason to."

Though their relationship is still new, Johnny and Kelli, a self-described geek, seem quite the match. "I like men who are more in their heads," Kelli has said. And a source close to the duo confirms it: "Johnny's really fallen for Kelli," the insider tells Us. "Right now, they're savoring their time together."

Johnny and Kelli are taking it slow which is what The Rules advocates. Many couples start out moving too fast and fizzle not too far down the road. Ellen Fein told me it might not "feel" right to take it slow with a man. Yet, space in the beginning will build a lasting relationship.

Johnny and Kelli haven't been photoed everywhere being hot n' heavy. Kelli also isn't going on and on about their relationship to the press. She strikes me as Rules-y. I presume this is why Johnny's fallen for her. I predict this one will end in marriage.

Two quick asides -- a woman commented that she can't understand, "why Johnny gets all of the chicks. He isn't attractive at all." The statement reminded me of a beautiful woman scorned who fought so much with her boyfriend that he left. Once he moves on, the scorned woman "bags" on his new girlfriend for not being as pretty as she is. The Rules say men end up with women who might not be as pretty because these women never fight with them and are stable.

In the same vein that men like stable women, women like stable men. Johnny seems like a grounded man. If Kelli has marriage and babies on the brain, I'm sure Johnny fits that bill more than fine.

Lastly, some people hoped that Johnny would get back together with Kaley Cuoco who plays their neighbor Penny on the show. But, this doesn't seem likely. There are no reports -- or even rumors -- Kaley's jealous or they're reconciling now that her engagement is off. From all accounts, Johnny has moved on.

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