Saturday, March 31, 2012

How Brad Paisley Made Kimberly Williams His Wife -- What a Man Will Do to Get the Woman He Must Have!

Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley
This is a really cute story that proves when a man has to have you, he'll wait years if he must. Brad Paisely, nominee for entertainer and male vocalist of the year at Sunday's Academy of Country Music Awards, is one of these men.

Yahoo! Music News reported, "When Brad's career was taking off, he admitted to one advantage of fame that changed his life completely. An average Joe wouldn't be able to call a beautiful girl out of the blue, cast her in a music video, and eventually make her his wife. After seeing Father Of the Bride Part II in 1995, lead actress Kimberly Williams remained on his mind. 

More than five years after seeing her in the movie, Brad asked her to appear in the video for his hit single, I'm Gonna Miss Her. To his delight, she agreed. "When I called, I definitely had other motives," he admitted to the Washington Post in 2005.

The little trick Brad pulled off was one of his savviest moves yet. They hit it off immediately and wed in 2003--marking almost a decade of married bliss. To round out their starstruck story, they are parents to two young sons: 5-year-old Huck and nearly 3-year-old Jasper.

Incredible right? What woman wouldn't love having a romantic story like this that she can retell the rest of her life about how her husband pursued her? Most of us, though, probably won't have man call to appear in his music video. But, not all is lost.

Brad's story proves women don't need to make the first move. Besides, aggressively pursuing a man can emasculate him. I've heard women say they asked a man out first because he was too shy to ask her -- the biggest Rules no no.

While you might not be called to appear in your future husband's video, you can wait for him to ask for a date. Even if men are shy, they'll make up an excuse to stay in touch with you and then make their move. All women have to do is smile nicely and wait for Mr. Right to ask. It's just that simple.

Tell me what you think! What's your best story of a man who pursued you?

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