Sunday, June 27, 2010

Can Any Woman In Jeremy Piven's "Entourage" Snag Him for Marriage?

Jeremy Piven, 44, is as loved as he is hated. People love Ari Gold, the character he plays on HBO's Entourage. Yet, on other levels, he seems to have morphed into his character, saying that John Cusack is jealous of his huge success. Despite the love/hate relationship, his women seem immune to the hate and prone to the love.

Unfortunately, though, none of them seem to last.
Given he is 44, never been engaged or married and has no children, I do not think any woman in his "entourage" can snag him for marriage, not even a Hard-to-Get Platinum Girl. Like Simon Cowell (see my post), if he does, it will probably be around the time that he is 50. Below are some excerpts that will help prove my point:

NY Daily News: While out at Britney Spears birthday party "[Jeremy] gathered up girls' numbers and sent out a mass text to all of the women who he met which said 'come to my room, whoever responds first gets me for the night.'

Hollywood Scoop: Even though he takes his aged mother with him to award shows, Jeremy was "reportedly having a very loud argument with her at a restaurant. It was so venomous everyone could hear them."

Celebglitz: "One of Hollywood's most notorious ladies men, Jeremy Piven, apparently can't get enough of Mansion NYC employees. Not only did he hook up with waitress Ashley Chontos, he's also been seeing hostess Brandi Harper."

US Weekly: "In between takes of filming Entourage , Jeremy was staring at Jessica Simpson's a**** in the most obvious ways. He was not being sly about it and would just watch her every move. He flirts with ugly girls, so you can imagine how crazy for Jessica Simpson he was. She almost seemed like she couldn't wait to change into her jeans."

So, why do I think that there is no woman in Jeremy's "entourage" who can snag him for marriage, not even the Hard-to-Get Platinum Girl?

1. The scariest part about Jeremy's Bad Boy Behavior concerns the "venomous" argument with his mother in a restaurant that was so loud others could hear. Platinum Girls pay attention and know that if a man is screaming at anyone that it is time to get out dodge. I mentioned in my Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick  post that anger issues like this never pan out for the better.

Making it worse was that he had this argument with his elderly mother who easily could have had a heart attack and died from the stress.
Jeremy's self-centered tendencies do not say "I care about family and want my own". It is true that Jeremy has scored lots of points for taking his mother to award shows. However, based on the restaurant scene, I wonder if he sometimes uses her as a pawn to pursue women. Some might say that he does not need his mother for this. Yet, showing how much you love your mother never hurts a man's cause when the cause involves bedding as many women as possible.

2. Jeremy's Bad Boy Behavior also surfaced when he sent out that mass text to a group of women, essentially telling them "first come, first served". Yuk. This speaks volumes about his personality. He will treat any woman as if she is just a part of the herd. Even Jessica Simpson, who has caught heat from me in previous posts for not being a Platinum Girl, was completely turned off. His lack of professionalism is further indicative in his disinterest for anything serious.

Jeremy is enjoying being Jeremy too much to stop and think about marrying anyone.
Platinum Girls are not treated as one of the herd. Another way to put it, is they play Hard-to-Get to ensure any man in her life treats her like his treasure. If no man is around to treat her this way, then she would rather fly solo. Jerry Seinfeld was a bachelor for many years before meeting Jessica Sklar (see my post) as is George Clooney. But, you never hear of such immature behavior from either of them.

3. Finally, there mere fact that Jeremy is 44, never engaged or married, is not a good sign for any woman who wants to build something long-term with him. It is not as if he has limited access to women. Between the Bad Boy Behavior mentioned above and his obvious disinterest in marriage, a Platinum Girl would not waste her time trying to date a man like this because she would never risk coming up short.

John Mayer definitely has similarities to Jeremy, but has at least expressed an interest in finding someone serious. This tells me that a strong, lustrous, Platinum Girl could possibly smooth his rough edges. But, Jeremy is so...out of it...that he will not calm down for years and years to come, if ever. Given his affinity for cocktail waitresses, an average girl could run into him. Review this post and go into it with your eyes open. When it comes to Jeremy Piven, caveat emptor or "Let the Buyer Beware."

Shine like Platinum!


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