Monday, March 1, 2010

How Jessica Sklar Played Hard-to-Get and Became Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld

In anticipation of Jerry Seinfeld's new show The Marriage Ref. I became curious about what it must have taken for his wife, Jessica Sklar, to snag one of the world's most renowned comedians. All search results pointed to what I had already suspected: Jessica Sklar, now Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld, is a Platinum Girl. Actually, I would Hard-to-Get techniques makes her a Precious Platinum Girl.

I am well aware that Jessica was almost married to Eric Nederlander when she met Jerry and of her alleged infidelity. Jessica, however, maintained that the marriage was over before she started seeing Jerry. Irrespective of the "he said, she said" gossip, Jessica's marriage to Eric lasted only a few months while her marriage to Jerry has lasted over 11 years with 3 children. The longevity of their marriage is the basis for my post.

So, how did Jessica Sklar play Hard-to-Get and become Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld?

1. Jessica met Jerry at the Reebok Sports Club, a deluxe fitness center near Jerry's apartment on the Upper West Side in New York. Unable to locate anything on "who approached whom", my instincts say that Jerry spoke to Jessica first. Further, Yahoo Biography reported that "[Jerry] wooed her away from her one month marriage". Based on this, I think Jerry perceived her as a Precious Platinum Girl, a mysterious woman unlike any other he had met.

2. According to People magazine, Jerry and Jessica dated for almost a year, but she then cooled things off to focus on her job with Tommy Hilfiger and started dating NBC Today producer David Friedman. Jessica's Precious Platinum Girl behavior here is so great it is dizzying! To actually cool your relationship off with a major celebrity and concentrate on your job all the while dating another network executive is unbelievable! She did not sit and pine after Jerry once they started dating. Jessica gave Jerry a ton of space which made him love and marry her. Everyone noticed that she was completely out of his life "only to pop up when he popped the question."

3. Jessica had a solid Hard-to-Get foundation that was based on practice, even before meeting Jerry. According to her friends, Jessica "never had a shortage of boyfriends and always dated the most popular guys in school". She is described as "very smart, attractive, connected and knows how to get what she wants—and she wanted Jerry." The best one though is her family friend referenced her as a "girl who plays the game. She laid it on the line and she got what she wanted." Jessica took being Hard-to-Get to a whole new level. In fact, she made it an art.

Though I discussed point 3 last, it really is the most important. Without a strong Hard-to-Get foundation and a lot of practice even before meeting Mr. Right, it is very difficult to pull off what Jessica did. I am sure it took extraordinary self-restraint to put the brakes on their relationship and date others. How fantastic for her, though, that she now has a wonderfully funny husband and babies for the rest of her life. In true Precious Platinum Girl fashion, she played for the long haul and got her man!

Shine like Platinum!


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